Kitty White

            I was not fond of cats.  The way they glare, their claws and themselves as a whole creeped meowt (me out).  The way they arch their back and hiss scared the living hell out of me.  I didn't hate them; they just seemed to hate me...a lot.  Clearly, I wasn't really a fan of these felines.  

           However, there was an exception.  This little one was a big part of my childhood.  I'm pretty sure that you know her as well.  Kitty White was her name.  People knew her more as 'Hello Kitty'.  Up to this day, this white little cat with her red bow trademark had been making an appearance since 1974.

             This season, she's out once again!  London-based culinary inspired clothing brand Polka Milk released a perky and playful collection with this funky feline as their muse.  

             Fusing the idea of fashion and culinary, Polka Milk cooked up seven different 'flavoured' pocketed and cuffed printed tees.  Rose and Pistachio,  Matcha and Strawberry were just some the (appetizing) appealing flavours.  These rare, handmade garments were made from Japan-only Liberty fabric prints and a hundred percent organic, climate neutral cotton.  Did I mention that they were ethically produced as well?  Basically, it's like fashion on an all-natural diet.  

"Euphoric concoctions of visual flavours made from 100% real, wholesome ingredients, providing you a taste of happiness in every thread-full of fresh and creamy Polka Milk"

               All seven flavours would be officially served on the 25th of April, 2014.  Pre-order and grab yours now, as these only come in a limited quantity!

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